Goals and Objectives

Unfortunately, the Foundation resources are far from adequate to fulfill the needs of all the worthwhile programs.  Many programs cannot be funded and those that are often receive less funding than is deserved.  Within the scope of our objectives are:

  • Programs which contribute to the educational, cultural, economic, or social betterment of society.
  • Programs which provide Human Services required by the elderly, poor, or physically challenged.
  • Programs which encourage efforts to turn the homeless and disadvantaged members of society into self-reliant, self-maintaining citizens.
  • Programs which create constructive programs for the young, the elderly, or Christian ministry.
  • Programs which provide employment for the idle.
  • Applications are accepted from March 1 through May 31 each year.

The Foundation’s Board of Trustees would evaluate all applications on the basis of need and without partiality or restriction in the field of sectarian religion.  We invite you to submit an application if your non-profit organization meets one or more of the objectives of the Christian Foundation.